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I could start this first page with background of the popular 1960's series "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", but seeing as one would have heard of the series, it would seem redundant. For those of you who are wondering "how in heck did I get here and what does this site have to do with that show?", well, it's like this (in a nutshell:)

although the series had a made-for-tv sequel (known by fans as "The Fifteen Years Later Affair,") it left quite a few of us fans wondering what happened to Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin after that adventure. This is where the series leaves off and my "alternate reality" begins. All stories on this site are original (some are vintage, others new) and written by yours truly.

So fix yourself a drink (whatever kind you're in the mood for,) put on some of your favorite music (for atmosphere) and settle in. There's also a non-smoking section for those who prefer (as always.)


January 19, 2012:  I'm taking the stories down for the time being in light of the pending SOPA and PIPPA vote in Congress.   If this is passed, fanfic writers may not be able to share their works with others due to piracy and copyright infringement concerns. 


If you are against the possible loss of freedom of speech and/or expression, please sign the petition on Google


I'll still be working on more stories in the meantime.  Hopefully this bad piece of legislation won't pass and I can start adding to the site soon.


Stay tuned . . .

 August 25 2013: Working on getting some already written fanfic up to the site.  Stay tuned, shouldn't be long.  Easy to get tied up with other stuff, but now have the time to dedicate like I should.


May 2, 2014:  Bringing back the "L'Affaire De Shotgun" saga temporarily.  Have some newer fanfic coming, hopefully within the month.


July 26, 2014:  Making room for new stuff, which should be up by the end of this coming week.







                               visitors have came by the site since the move (and lived to tell about it.)

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