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The Stuff Legends are Made of . . .

or not. 


 Kick back with your favorite drink (Brenda recommends a White Russian, but that's only a recommendation, not a declaration of war) and your favorite mood music and enjoy the new selections:
L'Affaire De Shotgun -    Still in its originally published version, the unofficial sequel to "The Fifteen Years Later Affair." (minus the prequel chapters.)
For the uninitiated, in a nutshell the story is this:  a computer disk has disappeared that has a money transfer program which, if fallen into the wrong hands, could bankrupt the entire planet.  An enormous family fortune has already been hidden using this disk, which has caught the attention of THRUSH, as has the two computer prodigy twin sisters who created the program.
The Peruvian Snow Affair (Intro) - Set in late summer of 1983, Harry DeBeauharnais is back on the loose and this time, he's brought along friends of a different feather.  Which, in turn, create more headaches for our new UNCLE bosses.  Add to that a very special and highly anticipated arrival and shake, don't stir.